marți, 13 septembrie 2016

Software for Virtual Tours Helps Real Estate Agents

Moving from a city to another can be a pain - as you need to prepare the furniture, to call all those companies that are going to pack the small things in small boxes and then they are going to carry those away without you being able to control anything. It is something like your life would depend on those things.

Also, the fact that you are going to sell a house that you owned, it was for me something like I would give up all the memories that I had in that apartment, and I really feel sad. But leaving behid the sentimental things I really have to say that the fact that it can be very hard to sell a certain property can be really disturbing, as it really caused a lot of stress to me.

More than the money that I really had to spend in order to get another apartment in the new city, I also had to be very careful with the fact that my taxes would be way bigger with 2 houses, but that  was not such a big deal, but rather the fact that I had to sell that house on my own, as he comapnies that are doing transactions of houses are mre interested in selling new apartments or houses in new buildings, as I think that this activity can be more lucrative and it will bring a higher profit margin.

So - after posting a lot of adverts it seemed that I needed to use some software for virtual tours, that would describe in a modern environment my house as it really is - so I have found the TourWizard which is the greatest software evermade, and I have developed a very nice presentation.

Also, to my astonishment, that presentation really had a great impact as I have managed to sell that house in no time, without hassles and too much bragging (as in fact I hate all kinds of negotiations).

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